Is it better to send an email on Monday or Wednesday? What about Tuesday or Friday? If you wonder about each day’s pros and cons, a post at the 60 Second Marketer has some practical advice. Here’s a sample of their wisdom:

Sending a message on Monday has the advantage of arriving before a recipient’s inbox fills up with business-related email; however, it’s also when people are most focused on the task at hand, and they might not have the time for non-essential browsing. The 60 Second solution: “Send emails late Monday morning, after consumers have cleaned the weekend spam from their inboxes.”

If subscribers are scrambling to catch up with work as the weekend draws near, you might get lost in the shuffle on Wednesday and Thursday; this is prime time, however, for catching their interest as they make weekend plans.

Believe it or not, a case can be made for Saturday and Sunday delivery. Beware, though, of subscribers who might consider this too intrusive. According to 60 Second Marketer, Saturday has better response rates than Sunday, which you should avoid.

“The most important point to keep in mind for an email campaign is a proper and thorough evaluation of a test group,” 60 Second concludes. “By making a practice of consistently testing your email campaigns, you’ll be sure to get the most bang for your marketing buck.”

It’s your party, and you’ll mail when you want to. Just make sure you test, test, test.

Source: The 60 Second Marketer Blog.