Shadowbend Studios Welcomes
Scot Harvest, Pirate Santa

At Shadowbend Studios back in late March, Sandy and I wanted to take some time to check in with our clients to see how they, their families and their businesses were coping with the Covid-19 pandemic and all it entails. So, we sent out a simple questionnaire to all of our clients. Typically our Client Showcases’ talk about a specific client, their business and what Shadowbend Studios did for them. Our Covid-19 Version asked each of our clients the same 5 questions to see how they’re responding and adapting to life during a pandemic.

We have known Scot Harvest for years and can honestly say “Yes Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus!” Scot Harvest embraces his roles as Pirate Santa or just Santa, often times with his beautiful wife, aka Mrs. Claus, for many different functions, special events and occasions. His specialty is unique Santa crossovers. If you are interested in having Scot attend a special event you’ll need to book him early because his schedule starts to fill up months before December. He is also open to charity events and good causes. Here is what Scot had to say:

1. How are you, your families and your business doing?

Our family is doing FANTASTIC! We rally as a family and keep each other in good spirits, healthy and supported.

2. How has this pandemic affected your business?

My trade (plumber) has suffered somewhat in that its impossible to do social distancing while working on someone’s bathroom / kitchen issues.

My seasonal work as a Santa Claus portrayal actor is MUCH worse and is in risk of loosing the personal visit side of the work. Santa with a MASK is not an option!

3. What strategies are you using to cope (professionally and/or personally)?

Personally I have a VERY upbeat and optimistic attitude… this too shall pass.

Professionally I hope to take Santa into peoples home with the virtual opportunities available to me and my brothers in red.

4. What could you use help with (professionally and/or personally)?

I need help getting the Holiday Season Santa options out to current/potential clients with as much grace and poise as possible with an online presence.

5. What are you looking forward to when the shelter in place mandates are lifted?

Physical contact with loved ones HUGS!

If you or someone you know, would like to connect with Scot Harvest, aka. Santa Claus, aka Pirate Santa, book an event or special occasion or learn more about him, here is his contact information:

Scot Harvest, Pirate Santa

Be sure to let him know Shadowbend Studios sent you!

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