What do kids—and, maybe, you—like about Bazooka bubble gum? It could be the flavor, or perhaps the size of its bubbles, but we’ll bet it has more to do with the Bazooka Joe comic strip contained in each wrapper. You open it up, hope for a strip you haven’t yet seen and chuckle at the corny joke, even if it’s a repeat. Good times.

In the Editorial Emergency newsletter, Julia Rubiner opines on a similar thrill she gets from the recently redesigned packaging of her favorite Wrigley’s product. While she appreciates the compact dimensions and tab closure, “what’s made me an even more ardent fan of the Classic Bubble iteration of the Extra brand is the cheeky copy printed on the inside flap of said envelope package,” she says.

The first slogan she saw: “15 sticks of unadulterated, mind numbing, euphoria-inducing, earthshattering, long-lasting, and humble enjoyment.”
Another pick: “Doesn’t bubble gum remind you of your childhood? It reminds us of your childhood. You were a cute kid.”
And her favorite: “Made with real bubbles.”

The collect-them-all mentality of the fun-loving copy has upped the volume of her purchases, and she is even considering the purchase of other flavors to see if they say something different.

“After all,” says Rubiner, “by the time you spot that chewy copy, you’re in the bag—you’ve already purchased the product. In other words, these morsels aren’t meant to make you buy the product; they’re meant to make you keep buying the product.” And that’s Marketing Inspiration.