“Online behavior is not limited to purchasing activity alone,” says Sheldon Gilbert in an article at MarketingProfs. “To truly understand someone’s buying potential, you need to see more than that. You need to know what they are looking at, what they are searching for and what they have recommended to friends.”

This level of info, Gilbert says, will help you conduct great CRM. Some of his favorite tactics:

Track products that shoppers place in their carts, but don’t buy. “Marketers should send monthly emails featuring these … [abandoned] products in targeted email campaigns … especially … if and when these items go on sale,” Gilbert says.
Create trend-based offers. If you know that 75 percent of customers who buy a cashmere sweater also buy denim jeans, create an offer. “A great way to do this without bombarding customers with emails is to include these cross-selling offers in ‘thank you for your order’ notes,” he advises.
Identify top spenders for customized offers that drive sales and increase loyalty.

“[Marketers] have an opportunity to send out intelligent, high-performance email campaigns based on true consumer desires,” says Gilbert. “All they have to do is take advantage of information that is readily available to them.”

Source: MarketingProfs.