Social Responsibility“It’s a global trend,” writes Geri Stengel at MarketingProfs. “Consumers want to buy from, employees want to work for, and other businesses want supplies from, socially responsible enterprises.” So how can you demonstrate your commitment while improving your bottom line? Stengel suggests the following:

Treat your employees with respect. Social responsibility begins within your organization and can yield tremendous rewards. “Employees who feel valued because they are paid a living wage or treated as an asset in a startup will serve customers better and generate a friendly atmosphere” says Stengel. “[T]hey feel as if they have a stake in the success of the business.”

Partner with a worthy cause. The smaller your business, she argues, the more you’ll benefit from an association with charitable organizations. You might sponsor an event, provide prizes for a raffle or serve as a drop-off point for donations. “Just do your research first,” she says. “Make sure the cause is one that matters to your target customers, and inform them about how you are helping.”

Make a monetary contribution. “Give part of your profits, whether for one night or on a regular basis, to a nonprofit or a fundraising event, such as Pizza Night for Little League,” she recommends. “Chances are, you’ll get new customers from among the nonprofit’s supporters.”

Buy from socially responsible suppliers. Customers want to know that the products or services they buy have a “clean” supply chain. They will look kindly, for instance, on materials acquired through Fair Trade channels and goods assembled without sweatshop labor.

With a socially responsible game plan, you do right by your community and your community does right by you.

Source: MarketingProfs.
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