While attending MarketingProfs’ Digital Marketing Mixer in Scottsdale, Karen Talavera finally understood the importance of mixing various sorts of online marketing together. Take email and social media: Each is a significant force in and of itself, but combined they become even more powerful.

Talavera’s tips for creating marketing gold through digital convergence:

  • If you have an e-newsletter, she recommends tweeting a link when new editions appear. There’s a proviso, though: If your tweets rarely say anything more than “Check out the latest newsletter,” the Twitter community will start to see your participation as completely self-serving. So be an active participant—even when you’re not linking to content—and add value to link-driven tweets by including catchy tidbits from the newsletter.
  • Be sure to include links to your email sign-up page in all of your social-media profiles.
  • Give customers incentives to share your content, and make it easy to pass around. According to Talavera, “More people would rather share once with a network than forward-to-a-friend via email, especially since Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and LinkedIn have gone mainstream and the average user can reach a significant percentage of colleagues, friends and family in these environments.”

Just like the alchemists of old, finding the right digital formula takes some trial and error. “Really,” says Talavera, “the only way to understand fusion is to be willing to mix, mash and experiment a bit.”

Source: MarketingProfs. View the full article here.