“To date,” writes Rob Hof in a post at BusinessWeek’s Tech Beat blog, “mobile advertising hasn’t taken off partly because it’s a hassle for advertisers to create special campaigns for mobile devices, most of which so far use stripped-down browsers that don’t display standard Web pages very well.”

This will likely change as more of your customers embrace devices like the iPhone, and as you take advantage of a new service from AdWords that removes the need to reformat ads for mobile devices.

In a short video included in the Tech Beat post, Google’s Alexandra Kenin provides a quick overview, guiding viewers to the Edit Campaign Settings page, where she scrolls to the Networks and Bidding section.

“As you can see,” she says, “I’ve put a check box next to ‘iPhones and other mobile devices with full internet browsers.'” With just a click, mobile landing pages and ads in mobile formats become unnecessary. “One of the major benefits of platform targeting,” she notes, “is that advertisers can now show their desktop ads on mobile devices and direct users to their desktop websites.”

Your Marketing Inspiration: “[I]t could position Google as one of the easy choices as advertisers realize how many people are increasingly on the Web through their smart phones instead of their computers,” says Hof.

source: marketingprofs enewsletter.