Imagine if you could take Twitter and make it exclusive to your company. Surprise!—you’ve created Yammer. With a three-month free trial, and provided everybody has a legit company email, enterprises can register on Yammer to create their own insular microblogging universe.

Why does Yammer matter? Because as times change, so too, does the workforce. You’ve probably noticed more freelancers in your midst, or designers and tech people working remotely. What’s more, as digital advertising grows more sophisticated, it’ll be crucial for marketers to communicate more closely with tech—unless you wanna take a night class in Python.

No need to change lunch dates. Yammer makes it possible to form friendly—and strategic!—ties with the dev dude who never leaves his office, as well as with the new SEO girl, who just happens to reside in India. That’s right: influence them all, right from your desk!

Better still, office-mates can contribute their marketing views without ambushing you with a PPT presentation you never plan to open. The CEO can ping you with, “What’s your take on Twitter outreach?”—and while you’re contemplating a savvy answer, the intern two doors away might reply, “If you guys have a plan, I’ve got the free time!” All you have to do is fill in the blanks. Wow ’em—without ever having to reach for the ClipArt.

The Po!nt: Yammer brings social media’s merits to the enterprise. You’ll work less hard, and tap into a broader pool of creativity, with the entire office just fingertips away.

Source: MarketingProfs newsletter 10/30/08

Cheers, Skip