Business Cards

An Important part of your company’s collateral materials

You may be wondering if business cards are still a relevant part of business in 2023 and beyond, but you may be surprised at how often a card can help your business grow!

  • It gives a great first impression.
  • A great visual aid to help remember your business.
  • Affordable advertisement.
  • Perfect for events.
  • Tangible
  • Easily distributed.
  • People will remember your contact info.
  • They are small and convenient.

From using your branded image, logo and typefaces to creating them for you, or from standard size and shapes to something different! We do it all! Let Shadowbend Studios help!

business cards

Go Digital

Digital Business Cards. Are You Worried About Covid-19?

It doesn’t always have to be “out with the old, in with the new.” To us, having a good business card equals having a good business. Although they are not the quickest or easiest way to connect with people and exchange contact information, they do improve your professional image.

The global pandemic has altered people’s interpersonal and professional connections. Companies such as HiHello and others have paved the way for digital business cards that can be customized, designed, and distributed to anyone. While this is intriguing and useful in our digital age, there is a certain allure to a standard business card. Not to mention, many people still prefer the novelty of exchanging a business card. Our advice is to get a digital version of your physical card too! Shadowbend Studios can help you get yours set up!


Business Cards

A card is sometimes the first opportunity a potential client or customer will be introduced to your company.  Even in the digital age,  a business card can make a very important first impression!

Tools Used

Pencil And Paper


Graphic Design
Business Cards

business cards
business cards
business cards
business cards
business cards
business cards
business cards
business cards

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