Old Time Radio Shows

I am a huge fan of the OTR or Old Time Radio genre.  I can remember listening to shows as a kid on late night journeys back from visiting relatives.  My dad would tune the car radio to a station that played shows such as “Suspense” and “Inner Sanctum”.

I now find that these shows are a perfect accompaniment to my daily routine here at Shadowbend Studios.  I listen to AM 1710 Antioch on the iTunes radio station feed.  They play a wonderful selection of shows including crime dramas, family comedies, science fiction and suspense shows.

As a new feature on my blog and my Facebook page.  I’ll be posting links to some of my favorite shows, which you can listen to online or download them.  The first of these shows is one of my absolute favorites:  “Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police”.  A terrific example of a late 1930’s adventure serial (the type that inspired “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”!).

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do 🙂

Speed Gibson – Episode #1