Hello everyone…

This installment of “The Shelf Chronicles” features the Robot from “Lost In Space”.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with “The Shelf Chronicles”, refer to my original post from 2008 and my “revisited” post from 2012.

I have always wanted a “Lost In Space” Robot for my collection, but finding just the right one was a challenge as I did not want to get just any old action figure or something that was clearly a “toy”.   I finally ran across this one from Trendmasters which perfectly fit the bill.  He is a highly accurate sculpt, has retractable arms and has the classic “Danger Will Robinson” sound effects which can be set to manually activate or can be set to go off when the lights in the room go on or off (which was initially very cool but wears off VERY quickly) :).

In any case, here he is.  Enjoy!

Lost In Space Robot

“Lost In Space” Robot