email strategies“Email marketing is thriving—especially for businesses who can adapt it to the changing world,” writes Veronica Maria Jarski at the Daily Fix blog. In her post, she gives a sneak-peek at material presented by Silverpop’s Loren McDonald in MarketingProfs’ Email Marketing Essentials online course.

Here are a few of Jarski’s takeaways from the course—tips on keeping email relevant to the times:

Promote following and sharing within all your email communications. You need to go where your customers go, and—like it or not—they spend their time at social networks. “Branch beyond the newsletter by letting people ‘like’ the content on Facebook, forward it to a friend, post it to Facebook, or tweet it,” says Jarski. “And don’t forget to use social media to grow your email database. For example, on Facebook, provide email opt-ins for existing customers (and potential new ones).”

Design your email marketing for people on the go. “Don’t just picture people reading your email marketing pieces in front of their office desk,” she says. “Imagine them waiting in traffic, grabbing a spare moment or two at their children’s swim meets, traveling on trains.” In other words, picture them everywhere.

Make sure all your emails are relevant to the reader. Your subscribers have inboxes filled with vibrant content. “That’s because, thanks to smart filters, consumers now avoid spam altogether—and have their inbox prioritize their mail according to their reading habits,” she explains. “If a consumer reads your stuff, your emails will start gaining a higher priority in a person’s inbox. (And if they don’t, your emails will start being pushed to the bottom of the list.)”

Keep adapting. If you don’t evolve your email programs with the times, the times may well leave you behind.

Source: Daily Fix.