Email Deliverability“Even in an increasingly real-time Web, email remains a critical channel to embrace for B2B marketing success,” says Maria Pergolino in a post at the MarketingProfs Daily Fix blog. “However, it’s a channel that’s poorly treated due to our excitement at the extreme ROI potential.”

Sloppiness can impair deliverability and damage your bottom line, Pergolino warns. To avoid that fate, consider tactics like these that ensure your messages continue to reach their intended recipients:

Create a compelling welcome message. According to Pergolino, many companies neglect this action, which is a critical component of any email marketing program. “It is essential as it sets the tone for what readers can expect,” she explains.

Keep your list squeaky clean. The presence of unknown users, inactive addresses and spam traps can do serious harm to your deliverability rate. “Focus on eliminating these addresses from your current list,” she advises, “and add steps in place to keep your list clean, such as quarantining new data, making it easy for customers to provide updated information, considering a confirmed opt-in, and vetting new data sources carefully.”

Authenticate yourself as a sender. The benefit of authentication is that it identifies you “as a legitimate business as opposed to someone involved in spamming or phishing scams.”

Organize your infrastructure. Work with your ESP and IT departments to identify and resolve problems as soon as they occur.

Send ultra-relevant messages. “Take the time to listen to your audience,” Pergolino advises. “Learn their behaviors and motivations; do this through both qualitative and quantitative methods.”

Know your readers, and help them know you. You’ll get the best results from your email marketing program by making sure your messages reach intended recipients who like receiving them.

Source: Daily Fix.

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