At least once a day, writes Joe Pulizzi at the Junta 42 blog, he receives an email asking how much content marketing (print and online) should cost. The short answer: It depends.
“Look at it this way,” he says. “I can pay $12 dollars to play eighteen holes of golf at a Sandusky, Ohio, golf course.” The course is poorly maintained, drinkable water is scarce and you’ll have to walk since the golf carts are notoriously unreliable. “I can also pay three-hundred dollars at Pinehurst in North Carolina,” he continues, where the course is immaculate, knowledgeable caddies abound and you might see a celebrity.

Which course he chooses to play will depend on his goal. “There are times for each situation (just like content),” he says. “If I just want to swing the club, the $12 course is perfect. Exactly what I needed. If I want an experience, or want to share an experience with someone else, I may take the rare occasion to play Pinehurst.”

In other words, a situation might call for “cheap” content, or it might call for “premium” content. “Just like playing golf where they both have 18 fairways and greens,” says Pulizzi, “500 words is 500 words. What happens with those 500 words is where the price difference comes in.”

So if you hire someone to write 500-word blog posts for $15 or $25 a pop, you’re going to get $15 or $25 blog posts—written quickly, with minimal research or editorial oversight. A solidly researched piece that has gone through a traditional vetting process will cost more.

As you budget for your content marketing, remember that you’re going get what you pay for.

Source: Junta 42.