We hear lots of advice about maintaining a clean list, and much of it centers on how to handle subscribers who seem uninterested in your messages. At a certain point, you might decide it’s time to take them off your list. Before you do, though, consider these four “hidden” segments identified by Chip House in a post at the Email Experience blog:

  • Subscribers who open and read messages with blocked images.
  • Subscribers who use mobile devices that don’t render images.
  • Subscribers who don’t click on anything or take action online, but who shop at your bricks-and-mortar store.
  • Subscribers who forward your messages to friends, but don’t use your forwarding feature.

His advice for identifying such segments includes steps like these:

Offer a variety of trackable message-sharing options. “Provide a number of ways that recipients can share [your] emails with their friends,” he advises, “either [through] standard viral links or via new technologies allowing sharing with social networks.”

Send offers with tracking codes. Sending coupons with embedded codes to potential offline shoppers is one great way to determine who they are and what they’re buying.

Careful where you cut! In your efforts to maintain a clean list, you might dump customers who want to receive your messages. “[Be aware] of these hidden, engaged subscribers, and develop strategies to make them visible,” House advises.

Source: Email Experience Council.