These days, companies are scrambling to stay competitive. Is there a silver bullet out there that can help? Something to get you through these tough times? According to Geoffrey Moore at TCG Advisors, it all comes down to focus.

Moore offers a guide for achieving a company-wide focus that can help clarify your goals, simplify your tasks and solidify your standing in this difficult marketplace. Among his tips:

Declare your company’s core. First, decide who you are. “We call the job of identifying a single focal point for your organization’s competitive success declaring core,” Geoffrey Moore explains. “Core, in this sense, is that which sets your company and its offerings apart from the competition. … It is the reason that customers and partners will choose you. It is your claim to fame.”

Separate the chaff from the grain. “When you declare core, certain projects immediately come to the fore,” he says. This is where you put your funding, your energy and your support. All other projects need to take a back seat for a while, Moore advises. “These must be resourced, but at the margin; you will pare back here.”

The result? By clearly telling clients who you are, you’ll encourage their business in uncertain times. “Think … Dell on supply and delivery chain systems, Nike on inspirational branding, Google on scalability,” Moore says.
Declare your story and stick to it. Define one clear purpose for all that you do; that focus could help see you through until the upturn.

Source: TCG Advisors.