We all know the cliché: you have 1.5 milliseconds to grab a prospect’s attention at your home page and convince him to stay. So why, then, are so many B2B Web sites still not that “sticky”? According to a recent post at eMagine’s B2B Web Strategy blog, it’s because too many businesses assume that site visitors already know what their company offers. Big mistake.

“Even if a user has sought you out in a search engine, or visited your site as a result of a marketing promotion, they still need a reminder upon impact that they have arrived at a site that might solve their business problem,” eMagine insists.

So, how do you show them they came to the right place? According to eMagine, it’s by presenting key “tiers” of information:

Tier One: Tagline. A memorable tagline sets a “tone” for your site. But beware: “A common mistake is using this brief catchy type of message alone,” eMagine cautions.

Tier Two: Descriptive/Value Proposition. This is your condensed elevator pitch. “This can be the most difficult sentence to write on your entire website, but also the most important, hands-down,” eMagine says.

Tier Three: Specific Solutions. A bulleted list of solutions, your vertical markets served, etc. “If done effectively, this is where each of your prospect types can quickly identify their problem or their industry,” eMagine says.

Don’t assume they know you. Apply the “tier” test to your home page to help ensure you’re getting your corporate message out there loud and clear.

Source: B2B Web Strategy.