In a post at his blog, David Reich recounts the story of a PR executive who wasn’t exactly thrilled about traveling to Memphis for a meeting with clients. Unfortunately, the exec decided to announce his disdain in a very public forum known as Twitter: “True confession but I’m in one of those towns where I’d scratch my head and say ‘I’d rather die than live here.'” Ouch.

His clients took understandable umbrage at the slight on their fair city, and made public an email expressing their disappointment with the comment. After referencing their multimillion-dollar account with his agency, they noted, “[I]t is enough to expect a greater level of respect and awareness from someone in your position as a vice president at a major global player in your industry.” Again, ouch.

“It’s easy to get caught in a situation like this, since Twitter is about friendly dialogue,” says the sensible David Reich. “But what you write is going out there in public, and Mr. Big Agency Guy should have had a bit more sense and sensitivity.”

In other words, as social networks continue to blur the lines between personal and professional lives, remember that an off-the-cuff comment meant for college buddies are just as likely to be seen by customers.

David Reich’s Marketing Inspiration can save you unnecessary pain: “If you don’t want your comments made public, even by accident, don’t write them down anywhere online.”

Source: My 2 Cents.