“I am still unsubscribing from lots of emails in an email account that I no longer wish to use,” writes Tamara Gielen in a post at BeRelevant!

“While doing so, I’ve come across a couple of practices that make me want to scream.” In truth, she has encountered more than a few worst practices, and her list of rage-inducing issues sounds all too familiar. Here are some of the lowlights:

Making the recipient log in to unsubscribe. “I usually don’t remember my login details, and asking for a password reminder results in more email in my inbox,” explains Gielen.

Using a word other than “unsubscribe” to label the unsubscribe link. Hiding the link behind words that obscure its purpose will only frustrate your subscribers.

Using a miniscule font size legible only with the aid of a magnifying glass. “I wear glasses because I have bad eyesight,” she says. “Don’t remind me of that every time I want to unsubscribe.”

Sending an email to confirm the request. According to Gielen, a simple confirmation at your website will do.

Be considerate when it’s time to say good-bye. A recipient might have benign reasons for unsubscribing—but you’ll have a much harder time winning them back if you make the process more annoying than it has to be.

Source: BeRelevant!