As a busy blogger, Mark Brownlow of Email Marketing Reports often receives questions from his readers. And in a recent post at his blog, he lists a number of typical queries, to give us a sense of what marketers are pondering these days.

How do we get more people to open our email?

  • How do we get more email subscribers?
  • How do we get more website visitors?
  • How do we get more blog subscribers?

They’re all pressing issues, says Brownlow, and you likely ponder their answers on a regular basis. But central to each is the simple fact that content is king.

Cutting-edge tactics and techniques can enhance your marketing campaigns, but best practices are useless if you fail to deliver quality content—relevant information and offers—in a compelling way.

Because of this, you should keep one question in mind as you write and finalize each piece of copy, Brownlow says: “When people finish reading this, will they be glad they took the time to do so?”

“The answer needs to be yes,” he says, “for as many people in the target audience as possible. It’s not easy. But if you constantly strive for that ‘yes,’ a lot of the above takes care of itself.”

All Hail! In a dynamic world of shifting paradigms and technological revolutions, one truth will never change: content is king.

Source: Email Marketing Reports.