“Surviving or Escaping? This is a discussion I’ve been having with a lot of my friends in online lead gen and B2B sales,” reports Bill Rice in a recent Better Closer blog. “The survival attitude is definitely in the air. My theory? That is the number one killer of businesses.”

The far better tactic for B2B marketers in tough times, Rice says, is to “escape.” He explains: “Survival is about conserving resources, slowing your movement, and hoping no one notices that you are dieing. Escaping is doing something about it.” He offers a few escape routes:

Take advantage of your free Web 2.0 options. “Are you buzzing through social media? Are you writing about solutions? Are you spitting out positive messages in a ‘doomed’ world?” he asks.

Innovate. Instead of playing it safe, take some chances. “Let your software engineers give a few of their passionate ideas a whirl, let the marketing folks get a little edgy, call a client you think you will never land,” Rice urges his fellow B2B’ers.

Punch a hole. “Escaping is usually finding the simplest, smallest chink in the wall that can weaken the whole [status quo] fortress,” he explains.

He offers examples of escapes from previous dark periods: “Ask Bill Gates about a visual operating system … [and] Michael Dell about building custom computers.”

When times get tough, the tough get an escape route. Brainstorm these suggestions to see where your team might break through the gloom, and strike gold.

Source: Better Closer.