Like most of us, Christina Kerley (a.k.a. CK) will admit that she uses her digital video recorder to whiz past commercials on recorded programs. “So when I find a commercial that I like enough to watch—enough to rewind and re-watch the spot—it warrants a post,” she says.

One campaign she makes a point of watching comes from Jimmy Dean, the maker of frozen-breakfast foods. The company’s amusing spots feature regular guys working in regular office settings—except that they’re dressed up like the moon and the sun. “[T]hey’ve successfully made an otherwise inanimate object human,” she notes, “and we humans like that because now we can relate to them.”

But CK sees plenty of missed opportunities in the Jimmy Dean campaign’s social-media follow-up:

  • The Jimmy Dean Web site has a section for streamed ads, but only shows one of the commercials—not the entire series.
  • The dedicated YouTube channel, likewise, looks as if it hasn’t been updated since its creation, and hosts none of the Jimmy Dean ads.
  • Jimmy Dean doesn’t appear to give fans perks like the chance to see new ads before they air, or poll them on future story lines.

Your Marketing Inspiration: “When you have a hit on your hands,” says CK, “don’t miss out on cost-effective, creative ways to extend your traditional campaign into social media with efforts that engage your fans … and bring you yet more attention.”

source: marketingprofs enewsletter