It’s a recession, folks. They’ve brought out the “R” word. And everybody’s pulling back. Turning in. Acting just plain scared. Gone are the days when a B2B team could take risks, push creative boundaries. It’s time to get practical. But, hey, that doesn’t have to be all bad. In a past blog post that’s still popular today, Jon Miller listed Ten Practical Trends in B2B Marketing that offer a wealth of creative opportunities for your team right now—as long as they’re handled properly. Here are a few time-tested ideas to help keep your B2B outreach vital:

Practice attention marketing—and make it measurable. “Leverage the Internet and word-of-mouth to break through the attention barrier,” Miller advises.

Love your landing pages. “Sending traffic to a landing page can [always] improve conversions … and following best practices can raise them [even further],” he reminds us.

Help buyers research early in the sales cycle. Hesitant B2B buyers are researching online before they engage with sales. “By helping to educate the customer,” Miller says, “you can establish your company as a trusted advisor that understands their problems.”

Measure relationship depth. “Track the number and quality of marketing interactions with each prospect company, so you know the next best marketing action to take,” says Miller.

Source: Modern B2B Marketing.