Lots of marketers recognize the demographic of chatty young females who can’t live without their cell phones. And many rush to create ads to get into that chatty mix. But, hold the phone! One group studied by ExactTarget and Ball State University does not want to hear from you by phone or text:

Young Homemakers.

In its recent whitepaper, ExactTarget identified this group as “females, between the ages of 18 and 34 … who consider ‘homemaker’ to be their primary occupation.” True to form, these ladies love to connect via mobile phone. They are also media-savvy. “Across the board, Young Homemakers spend approximately 40% of their day exposed to 2 or more forms of media concurrently.”

So, given this level of media savvy, what is the Young Homemakers’ preferred channel for receiving marketing communications? Surprise, surprise: just like we recently reported about teens, it’s direct mail:

72% of Young Homemakers have been influenced to purchase through direct mail.
53% have purchased as a result of an email marketing message.

“While Young Homemakers use new media channels like … [crazy], they don’t want marketers bugging them through these channels,” ExactTarget concludes. “They have two channels available for marketers: direct mail and email.”

Source: ExactTarget