“We are bombarded with messages that tell us the how, why, should and must of business,” says Karen Swim in a post at Words For Hire. “Much of the information is solid but blindly applying it can be deadly to your spirit and your business.”

She argues that your company’s success begins with a clear sense of purpose, and the ideas you implement should further that vision. In other words, as great as an idea might be, it’s not for you if it doesn’t dovetail with your values, strategies and goals.

According to Swim, maintaining awareness of your company’s purpose helps you to:

Put public opinion in context. “If you ask people what they want and how they want it,” she notes, “they may give you what they want but not necessarily what they need.” Your core values give you a helpful filter through which to process customer feedback.

Be consistent. “When you are clear on your ‘why I do this’ it will guide you in your day to day business activities,” she says. If you don’t lose sight of your purpose, you’re more likely to make better decisions and build a solid reputation.

The Point: Great advice inspires action—but whatever you do with it, be sure it stays true to you.

Cheers, Skip

Source: Words For Hire.