In a post at Copyblogger, Sonia Simone offers some unconventional blogging advice, her nine “little known” rules for a successful blog. It’s an interesting read, with plenty of key takeaways like these:

Don’t over-explain. You might know everything about a subject, but that doesn’t mean you have to write it all down in a single post. Save the comprehensive dissertation for a few pillar articles. “But in your day-to-day content,” she recommends, “leave room for other answers and other points of view in your community comments.”

It’s okay to get mad. The occasional rant can actually lend your blog a measure of credibility. “[Y]ou’ll show your humanity and your backbone,” she says. Be careful, though, not to overindulge in grumpy diatribes—if you make them a regular feature, they’ll start to lose their effectiveness.

Say it again. And, even, again. “New readers have no idea what you wrote last year, or even last month,” says Simone. And don’t worry about boring longtime readers—they will also benefit if you provide a fresh angle on a topic you’ve already covered.

Tell a stupid joke. Introducing a bit of levity keeps your blog from becoming a dry and academic. “[D]on’t be an idiot,” she advises, “But don’t take yourself so damned seriously, either.”

The Point: “The most ‘perfect’ blog in the world would be deathly dull,” says Simone. “Great blogs are quirky, weird, and hard to predict—just like interesting people are.”

Source: Copyblogger.

Cheers, Skip