Okay, first a disclaimer:

This will be a thread of posts that is not directly related to web design, graphic design, illustration, photography, animation, drafting, technical illustration, branding, email marketing, search engine optimization, small business ownership or the current political situation in the tiny Republic of Alviso…

However, this is one of those things that I like to do periodically because it is so vital to keeping my creative spirit, sense of wonder and child-like adventurous spirit (careful now… I said “child-like”, not childish) nurtured.

But I digress…

The background:
Right before my children were born and became my passion, I said good-bye to my then current passion; gaming.  Specifically, miniature wargaming.  The entire lot went up on ebay and, while it did fetch a good price, I was sad to see it go.

(sigh) at least I still have the pictures:

English 44 gun FrigateAlex the “G” and his all Macedonian orchestraKaptain KodswallopThe Ark Royal

Since then, my life has centered around my children, my job (I still had my day job at that point) my new business etc, etc.  Not much room for cool toys and whimsical hobbies.

So, here I am, 3 years later.  The kids are growing, I’ve left my day job, my business is doing well and I seem to have at least some sense of settling in to a much more predictable day-to-day life (predictable, but far from boring).  I find myself with some discretionary gray matter which I can reserve for “fun”.  So I came up with the idea of putting up a shelf in my office which will contain “fun” stuff;  toys, statues, reminders of my childhood etc.

A quick trip to IKEA brought me home the shelf I needed and it was installed the same afternoon.

And so here we are… my shelf is up and is already populated with such things as my Lord of the Rings Statues (Gollum, Minas Tirith and the Argonath:

Gollum StatueArgonath Statue BookendsMinas Tirith

I have been enjoying the idea of researching vintage toys from places such as Amazon.com where I have my wish list and look forward to adding more and more to my collection, catering to my whimsical fun side and childlike sense of adventure and wonder (once again, for those of you keeping score, I said CHILDLIKE, not CHILDISH) 🙂

And so begins “The Shelf Chronicles”…

Hail the Recreational!!