Happy Halloween one and all…
I typically learn something from every client I have the pleasure of doing business with, but with the launch of Aesop’s Editions- The Art of Sharon Augusta Mitchell, I was treated to a very unique educational experience.
Sharon is a tremendously talented artist located in Lafayette and Berkeley. She works in digital an traditional media but her hallmark (in my never-to-be-humble opinion) is Mezzotinting and Aquatinting.
I know…. most of you are slowly shaking your head…. Mezzo-what?!?! I did too during my first meeting at Sharon’s exceptionally cool studio (which intertwines, ivy like, throughout her home). So for those of you who are interested I will direct you to Sharon’s comprehensive article on Mezzotinting located on her website, rather than having me butcher any sort of definition on the technique.
Working with Sharon was not only very enjoyable (we seem to share the same wry and somewhat disturbing sense of humor) but also extremely educational, we have shared tips and experiences on everything from software and Mac’s vs. PC’s to practical jokes and the “angst” of fine art students!

That’s all for now… time to take the kids out to reconnoiter some sweets!